LeadershipConnect needs your help!

We are currently looking for a logo to help move us forward. For this reason, we are launching a contest to find the logo that will do just that. The contest winner will be featured on the RYLA North America website. The winning submission will be featured on LeadershipConnect promotional material and at RYLA North America 2019 in Washington D.C.

Submissions are due by June 10th, 2017.

The contest is open to all individuals and organizations associated with Rotary International.

For further contest details, please take a look at our “Logo Contest Rules” below.


To visit our website, go to Leadershipconnect.org

LeadershipConnect is an excellent media center for communicating information and resources to local and District leaders, and for uniting leaders from different states and/or provinces/or regions within a particular region. As the RYLA North America Conference continues to grow over the years, LeadershipConnect is all about helping you, your club/and or District to further strengthen the Rotaract and the RYLA program. Everyone is a leader and all are welcomed to participate in LeadershipConnect.


*How to start a new Rotaract Club

*Rotaract Club Officer Training

*Membership & Recruitment


*International Service

*Community Service

*Professional Development

*How to plan your local RYLA program

*How to get involved with RYLA

*RYLA programs

*Rotaract Club Advisors

*DRR Training

*How to plan a District Rotaract Conference

*RYLA Chairs

The LeadershipConnect Committee is comprised of the President, Vice Presidents for U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Immediate Past President, LeadershipConnect Committee Advisor, RYLA NA Conference Advisor, RYLA NA Conference Director, RYLA NA Assistant Conference Director, RYLA NA Director of Programs, RYLA NA Director of Registrations and RYLA NA Director of Finance.